Advice for Startups by David Noël

There are 22 of them, but here are the ones that hit me the most.

1. don’t get fooled by disproportionally spending energy externally. Companies are built from within. Focus on that.
3. overcommunicate rather than undercommunicate. Early investment in documentation and information-sharing will pay off in long term.
4. hire those excited about the future vs. those nostalgic about the past.
5. solution-orientation > problem-orientation. BUT: make effort to truly understand the problem and once done, move on to solution.
8. for things to move fast, sometimes you need to start slow.
11. good hiring managers hire with diligence. Remarkable hiring managers hire with diligence *and* trust their gut #culture
12. building a company > doing a startup
13. hire (and develop) builders, not runners.
14. as a leader, use every opportunity to connect with a team member. A look, a high five, a thank you, a challenge, an ask for help..
17. company culture = values + people.
18. people are tempted (and attracted) to join startups. Ensure that they know what they are signing up for. Clarity of expectations.
20. you’re one company. There are no ‘they’, there’s only ‘us’.
21. start with a philosophy, then create a process. Not the other way around.
22. guidance > policies

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