Just Start Creating

Sharing is easy. Commenting reactively is even easier. It’s easier to be a passive-reactive audience on the internet and feel smart about it. Except, you are not. You are not smart doing that.

Anything is a canvas.Start creating. Start a blog or a vlog. Start populating your Medium account with a more meaningful writing. Start posting more daily content to your Instagram. It’s fine, just do it. Now.

It’s easy to feel intimidated by what other people would say about you. Believe me, they don’t care. Some of them, or a few of them, would only care at certain points, and that’s when you start to touch their lives and minds. Until then, nobody cares.

Just do it. Forget about loves and likes. Forget about stats, growth-hacking, and all that thing. Just do it.

Do it with love. Do it like you have no end. You can pause anytime, but it’s not about getting rewards from other people. It’s about getting rewards from within. When you stop expecting for recognitions from other people, you have peace.

There’s no peace like this. The peace of doing something just because you like it. It’s a luxury!

We’re in the world full of people encouraging consumptions. You can consume, but the input should be balanced with the output. Get inspired by the consumptions, and get it out with productions. Create. Initiate. Go out there.

As you go, you’ll learn about why it matters more to live by what you create than what you think you deserve. You learn about what you are, what you love doing, and what you should do then. You learn about doing all these things in fun and in responsibility. There’s something about creating that pours joy into your everyday life.

Take that picture. Write that idea. Assemble those footages. Write that code. Design that interface. Sing that song. Then, share it with the world.