On Living Off the Airport


I go to Changi airport almost daily. Not to fly, but to transit — so to say — before I come to work. My office is just one subway station away from it. Taking the bus from home to the airport takes a little longer than the subway, but it’s worth it.

I usually have breakfast at Terminal 3. It’s the first terminal that bus 53 comes into, and it’s the most spacious terminal there is.

On my way home, I also take the same subway to the airport, then take the same bus 53 back home in Pasir Ris.

There’s a direct bus from the office to where I live but I find going to the airport route is the happiest route for me. It makes me happy to be at the airport. I don’t know why. Maybe the anticipation of going on a plane. But then, I am afraid of getting on a plane these days.

A routine that makes you happy. When was the last time you feel that?

When you anticipate something, you are happy — regardless of it being a positive anticipation or a negative one. It’s good for my mental health, especially when things go rough at work.

Singapore does make it easy for people to visit the airport just for the sake of it. It’s like a destination in itself. You can go there just for food. You can go there just to shop. Having the destination as the reason is what it is.

The key to happiness at work and life is anticipation. It’s what keeps motivating you. One’s life purpose is not just for the sake of living, but to be alive. Having an airport is not just for the sake of its purpose, but to make it close to the heart of the people, to have a real purpose, to have anticipation.