The Designer’s Dream

Every digital product designer dreams of a perfect ecosystem: a company or an organization capable of carrying their designs to life in the exact ways they want, as accurately as possible, and that these designers wish to be treated like the single source of truth.

Welcome to the real world, instead, where no company or organization that you join does this exactly. Even if you go solo and you have to select a developer friend carefully — that developer friend who knows your work inside out, knows your passion, nurtures your wishes — in short, your soulmate, you will realize that he too needs a life. A realistic life. Occasionally, he wouldn’t be able to fulfil what you wish perfectly and in timely manner. Same as you as a designer. In their eyes, designers are just perfectionist stubborns. Don’t even talk about the sales, the marketing guys, the C-level executives. Wake up, designers, you have to be able to sell your ideas to the organization. If you can’t, but you wish to be heard, you will fail miserably.

Designers think they are unicorns. No. We are just the same. We fight for our ideas. We work together with others. Sometimes we compromise a little — on time, on matters, on people. What we don’t compromise, however, is the vision. Even though the MVP doesn’t have what we wish for, we know it’s an MVP, things will get better and we’ll continue to fight. However, we have to ship. Now. Or never. Designers should deliver, not ponder forever.

My advice is as a designer, you have to work fast & as accurate as possible, but not perfect. Just imagine agile development. There should be agile design. Design simple things that work now, and perfect overtime. With every ship, it has to work, to some extent. Don’t forget to brush up that communication skill with other departments. Sell your ideas, move around, don’t be a unicorn and don’t build castles.