Experimentation and Iteration

I was reading this excellent live-blogging piece by Jeremy Keith on Veerle Pieters‘ presentation during An Event Apart event in Boston last year.

Veerle’s talk is called “The Experimental Zone” and it’s all about experimentation in web design. People often ask her how she comes up with, say, certain colour combinations but she doesn’t really have a straightforward answer—a lot of it is down to experimentation. So it’s good to learn how to experiment better.

I’d say that this is one method to find a solution. There are dozens of other methods to brainstorm and find a design solution, but sometimes experimentation would be the best start, especially when we work alone.

Experimentation is probably not in the direct competition with iteration, in fact, iteration includes experimentations. However, as iterations begin to perfect over time, you find less and less reasons to experiment and more on polishing the next cycle(s).

It’s a nice piece, go read.