Creating Meaning

Most of designers, or makers of things in general, think and work on projects that “provide financial returns” as quickly as possible. While this is a true and valid endeavour to work hard in, sometimes (and through this post, I’m trying to ask us to get more of this) we need to find the right problems to solve.

While designers work to feed themselves, they should also pay attention to select projects that see the right problems instead of the right money. Instead of working on the next startup idea that provides the most obvious channels for revenue stream, why don’t we identify the most obvious, most important problems that the product will solve?

Instead of creating another deal-based startups, why not promote responsible consumption? Instead of doing another location-based app that is looking forward to brand’s business pages that nobody cares, why not shift this into something that is promoting local tourism? Instead of another online store that sells “everything-under-the-sun”, why not specialise in one or two lines or brands of products, or better yet, locally-produced ones? Instead of fussing about which platform to develop in, why not take one or none at all?

And this is the best of all: instead of taking inspirations of success from overseas products and copying it almost back-to-back, why not solve specific problems?