In Search of Perfection

It’s better to finish 3rd but with three dollars in hand than to finish first but having to spend three dollars and have nothing left.

That quote passed by a friend of mine could apply to most of our efforts today. We search for perfection endlessly that we forget what it takes to have things perfectly: meticulous attention to details and process. All we care is the finished product, the finish line. All we care is to be number one, and get the most cash.

I am highly disappointed by most Indonesian startups or businesses that emphasize nothing less than monetizations, revenue streams, lavish launch and being winners of competitions. Looking closely inside their products, I find lack of attention to details.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a fine line between half-finished products and staged releases. Half-finished products will always be wrong in any stage. Staged releases involve wrapping up and perfection in every stage. Every stage is a finished product, no matter what the roadmap is.

I’d rather see a perfect, polished product with half the features of a complete but flawed product.

True, we have to create products that actually sell, but that doesn’t mean the have to force it to sell. Good products that seem to naturally sell will not sell automatically, if there is no effort to do so. In better luck, the product will sell itself. However, the most important is the quality and perfection of the product, in any development stage.

So, here’s my idea for a startup or any effort in that sense: start small, humble, find perfection in every stage, and care less about monetizing it or accumulating backfiring hypes at the first place. Take your time and don’t just get along with climbing the popularity ladder without knowing what you do.