Comfort zones and their deceiving faces

I believe I want to be in comfort zones. If there is any. But there isn’t.

I’d rather believe in it or none at all: that there is no comfort zones at all in this world. Comfort is something we make, and there is no zone. We’re always at risk. The world is revolving. Life is turning. Sometimes we stumble, sometimes we rise, sometimes life goes normal and boring.

Many people think they don’t want comfort zones and they want to keep moving on, putting their life at “risk” and face new challenges every once in a while. Rings familiar.

But comfort zones themselves are deceiving. They succumb you to their “constructed realities” and making you believe that staying inside is good. People who hate comfort zones believe that this is bad. But I disagree.

Many people have different priorities and finding new challenges don’t need to be outside these “comfort zones”. People who continually moving from one place or another should just call themselves “continually building their careers in the other way.”

Nothing more than that. The other way is to stay inside a company or venture, and it is perfectly normal to do so.

Let’s put it this way. People have different priorities in life. Staying inside a company or venture for a very long time could manifest into better, structured life that puts families first, although not necessarily that way. Moving from one to other company or venture could be tiresome. There are many ways to grow yourself. You can always keep a job and find another way to realise your passion. (Now I am starting to sound like one of those career coaches.)

“Comfort zones”, in my opinion, are contextual jargons used by career coaches or motivators to put laypeople into believing that they should get out of something that doesn’t really exist, or putting a new name to “structured, quality life.” My advice is, don’t just listen and succumb to their theories. Believe in what you do and decide wisely.

Sometimes you just need to stay and find other ways to move.

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