We’re occasionally busy with things, but can we hold back and think of where we are heading? Can we stop worrying about what the next minutes will be and worry about what the next year would be? Can we sit back and relax, think about things that define us? Or perhaps, is it just a question for the undecided like me?

Is indecisiveness okay? Is it a state of mind, or is it a reality? What’s with the urge of being decided? Can we project ourselves into a certain path and let our life in the years forward become defined by this path? Is being decided a good thing?

Decisions sometimes kill. They kill possibilities. When you decide on buying a pair of shoes, you risk not liking them, you risk not having them for a long time. You’re having a closure. You risk not having that better pair of shoes out there. But, perhaps, you might not need that better pair of shoes. For now. Maybe you should stick with the bad pair of shoes for a length of time and see the gems of the experience. Next time, you might or might not get that better pair of shoes, because “better” is a mind-framing of your own.

Life probably wants you to be adventurous.

What is life for? What is a job for? What do you do for your life? What is it that you do with your job? Do you even know what you’re doing? If not, then what makes you think you should be decided with a certain path? Can we just sway away from the firmness of decisions and let loose? Can we take the risk of being indecisive and not be dragged away by regrets?

In five or ten years time, let’s be able to look back and convert all the regrets to values. That there was nothing wrong with what we have chosen, that they were actually part of our scenario. Sometimes, forgiving ourselves for not making or making a choice is the hardest thing.