On choosing health insurance

Since I moved on to a new job, I was thinking to get a new premium health insurance. Not that my company isn’t providing one, it just feels better for me to have an extra net.

So, I was searching for a good health insurance. One of my main considerations was it has to have outpatient benefits. I feel that my current office’s plan doesn’t cut it (and I’m only getting it after probationary period). I was looking at Allianz Indonesia, because apparently, it’s about the only one who offers it in a couple of insurance I looked.

I was comparing between Allianz, Chartis, Prudential, AXA and Generali. For no apparent reason. I haven’t moved in to local insurance companies like Jiwasraya or Jasindo yet.

I am the type who thinks that trust is everything and customer service is above any priorities. I don’t scrutinise a plan too much, and I hope the insurance company has a clear (but less of a paranoia-ladden) policy. Their product offerings must be clear, concise, nicely-branded and informative. Their customer service must be helpful and oustanding. Their emails and phone calls must be professional and timely. But above all, simplicity matters. Product offerings must be clear and I am currently in favor of modularised insurance products. Something that we can add and subtract as we need.

My first year of personal health insurance choice comes to Chartis. It has a simple informative web site and brochures of product offerings. It has modular offerings that are not only clear, but stand on their own and can be started or added any time in the future. Moreover, I have already been their customer for a while, purchasing some travel insurance products in the past.

Also, I have decided not to opt for outpatient benefits as I have decided I can manage it on my own.

This is not a recommendation, for sure. I’ve had both nice and bad experience with insurances in the past. Everyone deserves their own choices. Sometimes people say insurance companies are necessary evils.

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