I have finally managed to open this new design for public after months of delay. I was previously running Tumblr for this blog, and ran a couple of posts with a latest post dating back from August 2010. Fast forward six months later, installed Movable Type Pro and a dash of Cargo Collective, I’m ready to go for another round.

I’ve always wanted to have a coherent personal website that hosts my design work and facilitate streams of thought the easy way. It is never easy to do this, particularly when you’re so occupied with full time job. My first website did have a separate portfolio site and a running blog, but they were pretty much of a different “room”. The next one was kind of the same, but I managed to make the design consistent a little. This time, I want everything to be in one place.

The first priority was to find a good content management system for my design work. I tried utilising blogging platforms (you could say that they’re actually CMSes, while I think they’re just there to facilitate publishing) to host design work, but it required a lot of patience. Long story short, I switched to a remotely-hosted exhibit system like Cargo Collective.

Once the design work is taken care of, I moved on to the rest. Movable Type was the first tool I used when I started blogging back in 2002. I wanted to give it another try. It might not be the best out there, but surely it does the job pretty well. Not the easiest to customise either. Many nights later, I managed to set up four separate blogs to host each of the sections.

If you’re visiting this website for the first time, pardon me for this housekeeping work that is going on starting today. I might even try to repost some of my Tumblr posts here, since importing from Tumblr proved to be quite a tedious job.