Mentoring at Google Launchpad Week

I had the pleasure of mentoring local Indonesian startups at the first Google Launchpad Week in Southeast Asia and Indonesia.

Mentoring at Google Launchpad Week Jakarta

A total of 43 mentors and 13 startups attended this event, spread over five days of full-day intense workshop, presentation and one-on-one mentoring sessions. Each day has its own theme: day 1 was product day, day 2 was UI/UX day, day 3 was technology day, day 4 was marketing day and the final day was pitching day. Each of these days had its own dedicated group of mentors. I was in the UI/UX days mentoring 2 startups. I also had the chance to talk with the other startups and gave my humble opinion on their UI/UX processes and results.

Mentoring at Google Launchpad Week Jakarta

It’s my first time mentoring in Google Launchpad Week and I am really proud of it. I didn’t give any presentation, but I enjoyed the one-on-ones. It made me realize how important UI/UX to a business is, and sharpen my idea of design process. Learning is both ways, of course.

It’s really interesting to see how these startups are so dedicated and enthusiastic about their businesses (of course, they should be). Some have prototypes, some have MVPs, some are still in ideation stage.

UI/UX Mentors at Google Launchpad Week Jakarta

I would definitely do it again. Thanks Google!